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Our Process

Step 1: Locate Property

The first step in our process is locating a property with remodel potential or the opportunity to be built new from the ground up.

Step 2: Property Analysis

We meet the seller(s) and crunch the numbers. This includes analyzing the property to establish an “as-is” value, determining the repair costs and resale value.

Step 3: Purchase Property

Once we agree on the price and terms, we will then write an offer to purchase on a simple 2-page agreement and go through each line item with the seller(s) to ensure they understand everything. We also perform the Title search, and finally meet in the attorney’s office and sign the necessary legal documents.

Step 4: Construction

The final phase in our process is to redesign, reconstruct, and repair the property to its optimal condition.

Step 5: Selling Property

we prepare the property to ensure it’s in the best condition possible before listing it for sale.

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Our Philosophy

To provide a fair and ethical solution to home owner's problems while improving communities and providing craftsman and investors continuous opportunities.